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Long-time journalist and parenting writer Brandie Weikle is the main woman behind the keyboard here at Brighter Side. She’s been exploring and celebrating the changing shape of family on her website since 2014 and on her show The New Family Podcast since 2015. 

A former editor-in-chief of Canadian Family magazine, Brandie has also been a parenting editor at The Toronto Star, where today she writes a column called Modern Family. She leads a dynamic online support group called Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce, and is a sought after speaker on co-parenting and other aspects of modern family life. 

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Couple holding hands

At the start of a new relationship, it’s easy to be at our best. Newly smitten, our brains are soaked in feel-good hormones. Driven to get to know the delightful new person in our lives, we ask good questions, make considerate gestures and pile on the affection. Of course,

There can be some real upsides for kids whose parents live in two different households. One of those is that their parents take separate chunks of time off work to be with them over the school holidays. This can add up to more summer vacations, or simply more fun

Finances separation divorce

The prospect of untangling finances and managing on just one income can be so daunting that many people delay separating for years — even indefinitely. It’s easy to understand why. Finances affect so much about the way we live. Dividing assets usually means neither party has as much to