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There’s something about the holidays that really puts a spotlight on anything about our family lives that doesn’t quite live up to the Hallmark-movie

‘Who will I be if I’m no longer with my partner?’ The tricky business of marriage and identity

Over the course of a long relationship, it’s normal for our self-perception to get shaped by being part of a couple. Here’s some context

Welcome to the Brighter Side!
Welcome to the Brighter Side! Wednesday, November 21, 2018

You’ve landed on a different kind of blog about the changes that so many of us go through in our relationships. Here’s what we’re

How to live with indecision about the future of your relationship

I look back on photos from that time 10 years ago and notice how drawn and thin I’d become with the stress of everything.

About Our Mission
Brighter Side: About Our Mission Friday, November 9, 2018

Thank you for checking out Brighter Side! We’re glad you’re here.  The aim of the blog is to provide hope, inspiration and reassurance for

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Brandie Weikle

Long-time journalist and parenting writer Brandie Weikle is the main woman behind the keyboard here at Brighter Side. She’s been exploring and celebrating the changing shape of family on her website thenewfamily.com since 2014 and on her show The New Family Podcast since 2015. 

A former editor-in-chief of Canadian Family magazine, Brandie has also been a parenting editor at The Toronto Star, where today she writes a column called Modern Family. She leads a dynamic online support group called Positive Co-Parenting After Divorce, and is a sought after speaker on co-parenting and other aspects of modern family life.